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The “Jarvis Project” Could Launch Late 2016

Yesterday, game developer Housemarque unveiled a brand new mood picture for their upcoming game, the “Jarvis Project“, by Jakub Rozalski.

Following the unveiling, we have reached out to Housemarque in hopes to learn a little more about the game’s release date. The developer revealed a 2016 launch back in February, but we wanted to see how it was progressing. Speaking with Housemarque Community Manager Tommaso De Benetti, we learned a little more about how things were going.

“Well, at this point Q4 of 2016 seems probable, but we need to see if all goes smooth in the first months of 2016,” said De Benetti. “So far we’re on track. We might end up adding more content or spending more time on some particular aspects of the game, so we don’t have a confirmed release date yet.”

This time around, many developers tend to release a complete game with support DLC that add content. For example, Rocket League. Although Rocket League is in theory a complete title, constant items and content are being added, most of which are free of charge if you have purchased the game. For “The Jarvis Project”, Housemarque has yet to decide how they will support their game and keep it growing.

“The core package will definitely be “a full game,” explained De Benetti. “We obviously want to support it over time, how has not been decided yet, there are a few options on the table. We’ll know more about this in the upcoming months.”

Earlier this year, the company announced that instead of innovating in the genre, they want to offer players a game with arcade spirit, a spirit I believe has lost its value over the year. As it turns out, “that’s very much what we’re sticking to,” confirmed the studio.

We will be keeping a close eye out for any updates on “The Jarvis Project” as its development continues.

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