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Silent Hill Spiritual Successor Centralia No Longer Canceled!

Last year, a spiritual successor to Silent Hill, Centralia, got pitched to Konami but quickly turned down. Today, we learned that the game’s development is back on track.

Back in late 2016, the Silent Hill spiritual successor was showcased in front of Konami. When asked for a green light, it was denied. This resulted in the game being canceled. Months following the bad news, we learn that not only is the game being brought back from the dead, but it was granted a new name as well: Centralia.

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Why Centralia?

Have you ever wondered where the inspiration to Silent Hill ever come from? Well, as it turns out, there is a real-life town called Centralia in Pennsylvania. Due to a coal mine fire that inhabits beneath the borough, the population has dramatically dropped. Today, there is as little as 10 people living there. The city has been the inspiration to Silent Hill, so calling the title Centralia makes quite a bit of sense.

“In late 2016 we pitched to Konami a Silent Hill title. Konami, however, turned it down due to “Creative Reasons” as they want to keep Silent Hill “In House” from now on. (No third parties).
Due to that, we released some information for the game on some sites such as SilentHillCommunity and then moved on… kinda.

We have actually been hard at work rebranding the game as “Centralia”. As everyone knows, Silent Hill and Centralia are very similar. Both ghost towns with a coal fire. Well, our game is set in an alternate reality Centralia, PA where the town is plagued with odd paranormal occurrences, cults and more.”

In the Facebook post, details regarding how the game is played are shared. From what we know, Centralia will play a little like P.T., the canceled title developed and published by Kojima Productions before Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami. Jump scares will be randomly generated, so no actual script in this first person survival horror.a

“The Game is sure to scare you.”

Centralia is scheduled for release Halloween 2017 for Windows PC. For more information feel free to follow the game’s official Facebook page here.

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    Interesting… I will be following this. Since Konami seems hell bent on killing off the Silent Hill franchise this might be the only continuation we have.

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