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Renegades Acquire Ninja, Seraph From TDK In Player Swap

Renegades have made a trade with Team Dragon Knights, and acquired two top notch players from them, Top laner Seraph and Mid laner Ninja.

In the trade, Team Dragon Knights will receive in exchange for their top and mid laner, Alexey “Alex Ich” Ichetovkin and Cuong “Flaresz” Ta. Lawrence “Trance” Amador will also be joining TDK as a support player.

“We have discussed what would be best for the team with the players and decided to make a trade with Renegades,” the team said in a statement.

“We are looking forward to our playoff bout with Ember next week.”

Team Dragon Knights are currently in the playoffs in the Challenger Series, and are trying to re qualify for the League of Legends Championship series.

Renegades are currently in last place in the North American LCS with a 2-12 record. They most probably looked to boost their line-up with these two Korean pickups and give themselves a fighting chance to stay in the championship series for the summer split and not get relegated.

Ninja is not currently playing with the challenger team as he is suspended by Riot for taking part in trying to recruit Lee “Fury” Jin-yong from Samsung Galaxy while he was still under contract with them. His suspension ends on March 11th, right on time for the 8th week of NA LCS.

Alex Ich has been been performing greatly in the LCS with a 2.02 KDA across 14 games, but he did help TDK qualify for the LCS when he played for them during the spring split 2015 in the playoffs, and is most probably hoping for the same outcome this time around.

Are you happy about the move made my both organizations?

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