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Rekkles want to leave Element

After only one split with the team Star AD Carry for Element Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is unhappy with the current situation in Team Element.

Despite an amazing performance by him and Element at IEM San Diego earlier in the year with a second place finish to Cloud 9. With hopes of a first place finish Element were given the reputation of a Super team with their new additions in the off-season, but they underperformed in the first part of the 2015 spring split finishing seventh with a 7-11 record. Not at all what was expected out of them before the split began.

Rekkles, stated that he was unhappy with the team environment and its current state and said that he is on his way out of the team. His replacement is rumored to be the former AD Carry of Team Element Carry Erik “Tabzz” Van Helvert.

“I can neither confirm nor deny [the move].” Said Elements owner Jacob “Maelk” Toft-Andersen, “We are currently evaluating our options and making sure not to leave any stone unturned.”

Jungler Ilyas “Shook” Hartsema and Top laner Mike “Wickd” Petersen are also looking to leave the team and are unhappy about this current situation with the organization.

“Right now, the playing environment is depressing for everyone,” he said. “You have Froggen and Krepo on one side and these guys on the other. They both want very different things for the team but it’s Froggen who calls the shots.” A source told the dailydot.

We will see how everything unfolds for the next split and hopefully Team Element can get back to its former glory following this disappointing split.

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