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Refer-a-Friend Perks Being Given by Hi-Rez

Hi-Rez will be offering refer-a-friend incentives to Tribes: Ascend players that do just that, refer a friend. These perks are said to include the chance to name weapons and even co-create maps if a player can get enough friends to follow them to the game. To become eligible for this “challenge” of sorts, Hi-Rez requires players to reach level 6. As soon as that is accomplished, let the invites roll!

Here is the list of the goodies you will receive if you meet a certain number of invites:

Refer 1 Player: receive the “Recruiter” Badge, and 5000XP per referral

Refer 10 Players: receive the “Friends With Benefits” Badge and 500 Gold

Refer 25 Players: receive the “Big Talker” Badge and 1000 Gold

Refer 100 Players: receive the “Premium Recruiter” Badge and the Premium Pack

Refer 150 Players: receive the “Senior Recruiter” Badge and 5000 Gold

Refer 200 Players: Receive the “Play to Win” Badge and 10,000 Gold

Refer 250 Players: Receive the “Master Recruiter” Badge and 15,000 Gold

Refer 500 Players: Receive the “Celebrity” Badge and get your player name posted in the studio, to press and on social media

Refer 1000 Players: Receive the “Weaponsmith” Badge and have a Tribes weapon named after your player

Refer 5000 Players: Receive the “Made Man” Badge and a permanent unlock of all content

Refer 10,000 Players: Receive the “Referrus Maximus” Badge and an all-expenses-paid trip to Hi-Rez Studios, Co-develop a map, and reveal that map in a video with the Dev Team

Will you be able to gather 10,000 players? Keep us updated on your progress in the comment section below

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