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Prey Could Have Been Number One In Sales Chart!

Recently release Prey is a re-imagination of the classic 2006 title initially developed by Human Head Studios. Now under the care of Arkane Studios, Prey brings back to players a decent and mentally challenging game experience reminiscent of the classic.

A few days ago, Prey released worldwide for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The reception was good by both the public and media. At the time I am writing this, I unfortunately haven’t had yet the opportunity to play the game, but from what I was told, it is fun and well worth it.

Looking at all the reviews and critics, the game should have been in the first position in most sales ranking charts for the week. For example, on the UK chart, the game was placed in second position, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe leading. The surprising part about this is the fact that the game was only 600 units behind. Have it sold just a little more, it would have ranked in first position and, by domino effect, would have sold a lot more copies. What happened?

In today’s agenda, customers love to read reviews and heard what their favorite streamer have to say about a game before purchasing it. Normally, video game publishers send out review copies a couple of week prior to launch and set an embargo dated either a few days prior to launch, or on launch date. This grants enough time for reviewers to write a proper critic on the game, and enough time for customers and fans to read up on them before making their decision.

Unfortunately, Bethesda sent out review copies for the game too late, thus not giving enough time for the game’s buzz to reach as many potential buyers. The result: the game sold a lot less copies than it would have had. The new Prey game would have placed in first in sales charts if only Bethesda would have sent out review copies a little earlier. Are they fully to blame?

We would love to hear more about your thoughts regarding reviews copies being sent closer to release dates. Feel free to comment below.

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