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Overwatch Champion Profile: Winston

As a young gorilla, Winston was sent to space as part of an experiment that had for goal to test the effects of prolonged space habitation. Winston wasn’t the only one sent during that mission, but was the only one who displayed such extensive and rapid brain development – all thanks to the gene therapy Dr. Harold Winston put into place.

After the events where the gorillas led an uprising, resulting in tons of deaths, Winston decided to take matters into his own hand, created a makeshift rocket, and escaped to Earth, where he was technically born. Once there, Overwatch became his new home, a home where he could continue to admire the beauties humanity instore.

Real Name: Winston
Age: 29
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Scientist/Adventurer
Role: Tank
Health: 400 (100 Armor)

Winston Card



Tesla Cannon

The Tesla Cannon is Winston’s main source of damage. Upon clicking the fire button, the Tesla Cannon will shoot enemy targets that find themselves within the shooting cone’s range. Since the Tesla Cannon is a continuous source of damage and fires constantly, the fire button must be held down. Most of the damage is focuses on a single target, although occasionally, if there are more than a single any close by, the cannon will slightly damage them as well.


Jump Pack

The Jump pack is in my opinion what makes Winston such a dangerous ape. When activated, Winston will leap forward in a direction and upon landing, will deal considerable damage to all nearby enemies and knock them back. It is a great ability for when you need to split the enemies apart.


Barrier Projector

When Barrier Projector is activated, Winston spawns, well, a projection of a barrier. The Barrier in question is capable of taking a certain amount of enemy shots, but since it is hollow, Winston can be hit from the inside without any problem. After a few seconds, the protection bubble will disappear.


Primal Rage (Ultimate)

Ever seen a crazy gorilla? Well, when activating Primal Rage, Winston goes berserk and gets quite a number of cool benefits – his maximum health is increased, the cooldown on Jump Pack is greatly reduced, and his primary weapon switch from the Tesla Cannon to incredibly fast-hitting swipes that not only deal crazy damage, but also knocks back the target. Unfortunately, during Primal Rage, Winston is unable to activate Barrier Projection.

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