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Overwatch Champion Profile: Widowmaker

In her former life, before she became the deadly weapon she is now, she was known as Amélie Lacroix and happily married to Gérard Lacroix, an Overwatch agent that took care of affairs involving the terrorist organization known as Talon. Following many attempts on her husband, the organization decided to focus on Amélie instead, thus kidnapping her. During that time, she was subject to some classic brainwashing, turning her into a sleeper agent.

When Overwatch found her and rescued her, she ended up killing her husband two weeks later, during her sleep. Some say that at that moment, not only was her mission completed, but it is also when she officially became known as Widowmaker. From that point on, Talon would use her as a living weapon – her training was extensive and everything about her changed. Widowmaker is now incapable of most human emotions, turned blue and cold due to a heartbeat slowdown, and have had her physiology completely altered.

Real Name: Amélie Lacroix
Age: 33
Nationality: French
Occupation: Assassin
Role: Defence
Health: 200

Widowmaker card


Widowmaker’s abilities all have “assassin” as a theme. While some of them have offensive values, others can be used defensively, or even to set up for a kill. Thanks to her trusted weapon Widow’s Kiss, which resembles a little bit to Soldier: 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle, Widowmaker is efficient both mid to long range. However, thanks to her weapon’s scope, she is a beautiful sniper shooter, a title worthy of her name.


Grappling Hook

In addition to having a deadly sniper cross rifle as a gun, Widowmaker also has an impressively long grappling hook at her disposal. Using this ability as a defensive mean to escape from pursuers is a great way to use it, however, it can be used for far deadlier applications. When used properly, Grappling Hook can be used offensively to position Widowmaker for a kill, or kills. It is important to remember that not all champions can reach heights as high as Widowmaker, so make sure your location is always secured, just in case.


Venom Mine

Since Widowmaker is such a great shooter, one would say that she lacks in AEO damage. Unfortunately, that isn’t entirely true. Thanks to her Venom Mines, this assassin can set them up on any flat surface in a pinch. As soon as an enemy comes too close, the mine will explode, releasing a deadly poisonous gaz that damages all nearby enemies. It might not deal as much as you would have wanted it, but it is well enough to set up for friendly players who can profit from that little help.


Infra-Sight (Ultimate)

Unlike many Ultimates in the game, Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight doesn’t deal any damage, but serves as a support instead. Once activated, Widowmaker and the rest of her team gain infravision, a temporary ability that allows players to see the location of all enemies, even behind walls and other structures. Although the entire team profits from this buff, Widowmaker is the only one that can see how much time remains until infravision wears off.

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