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Overwatch Champion Profile: Soldier 76

Born and raised in rural Indiana, John Morrison (Soldier 76’s former name) ended up joining the military at the age of 18. There he was subject to a soldier enhancement program, which granted Morrison an increase of speed, strength and agility, making him perfect for combat. His meeting with Reyes, also known as Reaper, made the two best friends.

After an incident when Morrison was officially declared dead, he was picked up and modified into what he is today, Soldier 76. Thanks to the countless raids he has done, Soldier 76 picked up the best weaponry technology had to offer, making him as deadly as ever!

Real Name: John “Jack” Morrison
Age: Unknown
Nationality: American
Occupation: Vigilante
Role: Offence
Health: 200

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Soldier 76 is all about his cool Heavy Pulse Rifle and his high end gadgets. What makes him such a dangerous fighter isn’t simply the fact that he is equipped with all of those, but the synergy he possesses with the weapons at hand are remarkable and extremely deadly. His main gun, the Heavy Pulse Rifle, can shoot streams of bullets. The longer the burst, the more the cone of fire increases, providing less accuracy. Releasing the fire button resets the cone, making him even deadlier if you can master click and release efficiently.


Helix Rocket

Once activated, the Heavy Pulse Rifle sends out a ton of rockets, acting as a unique projectile. The rockets explode as soon as it collides with either an enemy or a solid surface. This moves can deal two different damage, either by getting hit directly from the rockets, or by getting caught up in the explosion radius. Careful! Since you take damage from the explosion, you might lose some health if you are too close.



Once activate, Soldier 76 starts, well, sprinting, making him unable to use his weapon. Using an ability, or stopping will end Sprint – reactivating Sprint counts as using an ability in this case.


Biotic Field

For a few seconds only, Soldier 76 drops a field “shield” that replenishes allies’ health, so long that they stand in its radius. Take note that the field travels alongside the Payload, so you can take advantage of that helpful mechanic.


Tactical Visor (Ultimate)

Once activate, Soldier 76’s crosshair changes to a special one for a few seconds. During that time, every single one of his shots will automatically hit the enemy that finds itself the closest to the center of the crosshairs. This deadly ultimate also ensures that the Heavy Pulse Rifle reload a lot faster than usual.

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