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Overwatch Champion Profile: Reaper

Born as Gabriel Reyes, Reaper was once a human who joined the military. Eventually, his path crossed that of John Morrison (Soldier 76), and together, they joined Overwatch. Their mission: deal with the omnic and bring peace. After the war, tension between Reyes and Morrison started to spark – what started off as mere jealousy ended up ripping them both apart.

Following an accident where both Reyes and Morrison were officially declared dead, Reyes rose as the Reaper, a ruthless mercenary whose motives remained unknown. Some have tried following this ghost’s movement, only to find out that he may be hunting down Overwatch agents!

Real Name: Gabriel Reyes
Age: Unknown
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary
Role: Offence
Health: 250




Reaper, surprisingly enough, wields a set of two weapons called Hellfire Shotguns – yes they come as a pair. As Reaper shoots, the shot alternates from one gun to the other. However, it is important to mention that being shotguns, their damage output is maximized when at close range. Anything past that will receive low damage. Basically, the further you are, the safer.


The Reaping (Passive)

Every time Reaper takes down an enemy, a red Soul Globe will appear right beside their bodies. If Reaper picks it up by walking over it, it will recover 50 health. Of course, this passive only applies to Reaper, so he is the only one who can benefit from this health regeneration.


Wraith Form

As a professional killer, Reaper needed a great way to escape in case of danger. Wraith Form is the perfect move for him. When activated, Reaper literally becomes a wraith and gains increased movement speed. While in this form, Reaper cannot be a target, for any ability or attacks, and ignored enemy collision. Unfortunately, during the period of time Wraith Form is activated, Reaper cannot attack or use abilities. It is important to mention that Wraith Form cleanses Reaper form Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord and Tracer’s Pulse Bomb.


Shadow Step

When Shadow Step is activated, Reaper enters a targeting mode, during which he is completely immobile and unable to use any attacks or other abilities. When a selected point is found, upon clicking the main fire button, Reaper will teleport to that point quickly enough. This is a very useful ability for flanking, heading behind enemy lines, or getting set up for Death Blossom.


Death Blossom (Ultimate)

Death Blossom is probably one of the strongest ultimates of the game, especially if enemy players are all stacked up together. When activated, Reaper started firing his shotguns around his position. Again, being shotguns and all, the damage dealt is massive, but can also be blocked using walls, barriers and other obstacles. Additionally, Reaper’s movement speed is greatly lowered, and since Death Blossom is a channeled ability, it can be easily interrupted by characters with disrupt, such as McCree and Roadhog for example.

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