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Overwatch Champion Profile: Mercy

Before having Overwatch look over her work, Dr. Angela Zeigler (aka Mercy) innovated in the field of applied nanobiology. This immensely improved all treatment of life-threatening illnesses and injuries – a true innovation that attracted Overwatch. At that moment, Mercy saw her opportunity to save lives on a larger scale, thus deciding to join Overwatch.

When Overwatch broke apart, Mercy decided to resume her dedication to helping those broken by war. If there is anything she can do to make the world a more peaceful place, you can count on her to do it!

Real Name: Angela Zeigler
Age: 37
Nationality: Swiss
Occupation: Field Medic/First Responder
Role: Support
Health: 200

Mercy Card



Angelic Decent (Passive)

While some have increased movement speed and double jumping, Mercy’s ability allows her to fall at a slower pace when holding the jump button after actually jumping, or falling. Additionally, Mercy also benefits from a second passive, one that makes Mercy regenerate her health after not taking any damage for 3 seconds, a perfect ability to keep her up on her feet to heal allies.


Caduceus Staff

Mercy is equipped with to weapons, a staff and a blaster, both of which bare the name Caduceus. As her primary weapon, but not her source of damage, the Caduceus Staff creates a healing tether on a target ally. The tether continues to heal the ally as long as the fire button is being held, and as long as both aren’t too far in range from one another. The secondary fire also creates a tether, again to the closest ally from the crosshair only this time, the target ally is being granted an increase in damage.


Caduceus Blaster

In addition to the Staff, the Caduceus Blaster is also part of Mercy’s weaponry. The blaster, however, is a source of damage – it fires, similar to D.Va’s gun, a stream of fast moving shots. So long Mercy has the Staff equipped, the Blaster will automatically reload.


Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is a great move to close the gap with an ally. If an ally is being tethered by the Caduceus Staff, activating Guardian Angel will make Mercy fly over to their location, regardless of where the crosshair is pointing at. If, on the other hand, no one is being tethered, than Mercy will fly to the closest ally to her crosshair, regardless of the target is dead or alive.


Resurrect (Ultimate)

Healing is great, but thanks to this ultimate ability, Mercy can, upon activation, revive downed allies at full health, as long as they are in range of the caster. When revived, allies gain a brief moment of invulnerability – during that time, allies can move, but their abilities and attacks are blocked.

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