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Northern Arena 2016: A World-Class Canadian eSports Championship

The Canadian League of Gamers (also known as CLG) – not the professional League of Legends team – is proud to unveil the launch of their latest world-class competition, the Northern Arena 2016 Canadian eSports Championship.

The event in question targets professional gamers and those with mad skills to compete for the title of Best.

Canada has some of the most passionate gamers in the world and all are eager to come and watch the very best in the world do what they do best,” said Northern Arena creator and Canadian League of Gamers co-founder Carl-Edwin Michel. “Connecting Northern Arena with the audiences at Fan Expo and working with Vantrix is a perfect fit for us. I can’t wait to ‘hit the play button’ with Canadian and international eSports elite and kick off Northern Arena’s 2016 competitions.”


In Canada, the eSports scene is growing at a phenomenal rate – we have both male and female pro payers aching to compete and dominate under the spotlight.

eSports is exploding with interest and becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world,” said the Canadian League of Gamers co-founder Greg Spievak. “eSports already has millions of established fans worldwide and an estimated potential to generate over $1 billion in 2016, so we’re excited to tap into this market and foster its huge potential here in Canada.


Northern Arena Finals are set to be broadcasted on by a professional TV crew.

To secure your spot at Northern Arena, you must qualify through another sister event called Call of the North. If you are an up & coming player part of a team, regardless of gender, you can apply for the Call of the North qualifiers. The Top two teams will be rewarded a guaranteed spot at Northern Arena.

Please note that you have until July 8, 2016, to apply, so act fast.

For more information, feel free to visit the events’ official website at

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