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Montreal Says Welcome to the World Finals of Counter Strike GO

E-Sports Invades the Montreal Area!

One of the biggest events in E-sports is coming to Montreal. Fans of Counter-Strike are a very competitive bunch. It takes serious skill and reflexes to be a pro player in this game. Speaking of pro players, there is going to be a bunch of them in Montreal just in time for the Electronic Sports World Cup Counter-Strike GO world finals! This grand and festive event is presented by E-sports experts Oxtent and the Mondial des jeux Loto-festival Just for Laughs.

The world cup will begin worldwide with players fighting to compete on the professional level. Through their victories, they will grow ever closer towards the finals which will be held in Montreal. From July 9th to July 12th, players will be hard at work trying to make a name for themselves in a mixed team format as well as a females only finals. The finals will be taking place in the city Montreal during the 2nd edition of the Mondial des jeux Loto-Québec, the world's largest free gaming festival!

Information regarding the venue, partners, price pools and more will be on the way.

“We are very excited to hold this international event on Canadian Soil! As a distinguished leader in game development, Montreal was aching to put its stamp on this international movement which is electronic sports. The CS:GO world finals organized by the ESWC is an amazing opportunity to put the Mondial des jeux Loto-Québec and Montreal on the map as an E-sports destination for years to come. Millions of people around the world will be rooting for their favorite teams, which will have fought for months to qualify to this humongous tournament” said the executive producer of the Mondial des jeux Loto-Québec, Arman Afkhami.

It seems the reason why Montreal was chosen as the city to hold this grand event was a strategic one. Montreal is known for its over 15 different campuses offering programs related to the world of gaming as well as over 9500 jobs are created with Montreal's thriving economic sector. If you want a future in game development, Montreal is a great place to get you started. Needless to say, it is also the leading city for having the most amount of indie developers in the world.

If you are a big fan of Counter-Stike, no doubt this is a big opportunity to assist a big event to watch players with the most precise quick scope skills you'll ever see… Ever!

All this and more will coming for this event, so keep it here at IMGMR.

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