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Mineorama Got Away With It & Reminds You

500K Stolen & not a penny returned

Last year, in July, we have reported about a Minecraft event being canceled at the last minute due to a financial issue. “MineORama was postponed because financing fell through,” said event organizer Lou Gasco. “We tried everything to recover, but had to postpone. Once we re-plan we will be able to give specific instructions for refunds. When the financing fell through, we had three weeks to make this work. We redesigned the show, but even at barebones, it was over $750,000. Our last ditch effort left us with about a $175,000 shortage. That’s what we had to raise in less than three weeks.” What happened next?

As mentioned by Gasco, the money will be reimbursed; around 500K were made prior to the event’s cancelation. However, shortly after, Lou Gasco, as well as every single social media account linking to MineORama, the Minecraft event, disappeared. People were mad and Gasco, if that is the person’s real name, got away with ticket money without giving any of it back! This happened last year, but why come back to it today?

Well, after a discussion involving the event in question, I decided to see what happened after July 2014 – this is when I noticed that the twitter account was back online. While there are a few retweets here and there, I have noticed three major issues with that matter. First of all, many tweets involve MineORama asking to “give them money”. Secondly, there are a few ‘fans’ who tweeted the account, saying that they are looking forward to the next event. Finally, the account describes itself as the “BEST Minecraft con to NEVER happen coming to New York city 20-NEVER.”

We are asking all of you to please be aware that they have robbed from thousands of Minecraft fans

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  • Retroity
    28 August 2016 at 7:51 pm
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    The twitter account is a parody. The original creators were sued and a settlement was reached. Please do some research.

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