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Hideo Kojima vs. Konami: An Update On The Story

Throughout the whole year, the topic of Hideo Kojima versus Konami has been a hot one, even during major events such as The Game Awards.

We have heard various rumors regarding the story between both parties, but in the end, everything remained quite a secret. On one hand, we have learned that Kojima-san was utterly pissed about the whole situation, while on the other, reports claimed that he managed to stay composed and very professional until the end. Although his reaction was quite obvious, former Konami tech director Julien Merceron shed some light about the unfortunate divorce between the legendary game designer and the publisher.

In a conference held at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, Merceron talked about the issue that was highlighted during the whole year while mentioning the undeniable success of Metal Gear Solid V. Merceron said that the first and most important Konami has done was that they didn’t fully believed in Kojima-san.

Video game development takes time and can’t be rushed. Unfortunately, few developers have ever taken their time to ship out quality games following a hardcore overview, Kojima and Miyamoto being part of some of these development teams. Asking a developer to rush out a product not ready for the public is in some way an insult to the game designer.

Merceron explained that although Hideo Kojima was facing a crisis in real time, he did not change his working ways. As a matter of a fact, Kojima didnt’t change anything at all and continued to act as if nothing was going on. The argument between Konami’s management and the famed designer was his burden to bare and didn’t wan’t it to stall or slow down Metal Gear Solid V’s production.

When the issue initially took place, Kojima’s staff were at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), in San Francisco. When they returned to Tokyo, Kojima said: “Don’t worry, we’re going to finish our game, we will give everything we have to give, and then we will see.”

Hideo Kojima never let anything stop him from completing a game and he never backed down; he made a promise to his team, to which he has delivered. Now that he’s opened a new studio, we are looking forward to hearing more about his future projects.

Make sure you stay tuned for any further updates regarding the Konami vs. Kojima feud.

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