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Ember become first team to release player salaries

Ember became the first professional esports team to release the salaries of its League of Legends players, per their announcement.

It has been a popular subject as of late as whether teams should divulge the salaries that their players are making on the team. Ember became the first team to officially release the payroll of its roster.

Here is the salary of each player including bonuses:

Gleeb — $57,500 base, $15,000 in bonuses, total comp $72,500

Contractz — $60,000 base, $10,000 in bonuses, total comp $70,000

Goldenglue — $65,000 base, $27,000 in bonuses, total comp $92,000

Solo — $65,000 base, $21,000 in bonuses, total comp $86,000

Benjamin— $60,000 base, $15,000 in bonuses, total comp $75,000

Health insurance, taxing and housing will all be covered by the organization also.

But according to some people in the industry these numbers are far beyond what any Challenger series players are making.

Once the other teams reveal their payroll, we will have a better idea of the market for League of Legends player and whether or not they are getting underpaid or not.

But for now if these are the salaries teams are giving their players the discussion should be over on if they are getting underpaid. I can imagine that not all of them are being paid as much as the Ember roster, but anything is this ball park is sufficient. Plus, with the industry growing as fast as it is, the salaries will eventually rise as well.

There is a news regarding the salary of current CLG ADC Stixxay and his 600$/month salary. I feel that if true this number is way too low, even if he signed his contract as a Challenger series player. Riot should implement a bare minimum salary teams can sign players in order to protect them.

Also since teams, can always pick players from the challenger series, a rule should be just like in the NHL, if a player gets called up from the AHL to the NHL his salary changes depending on which league he is playing in.

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