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Dota 2 WCA 2015

Group Phase is over and the playoff have already begun. We already have some surprises in this tournament.

After a group phase with some surprises and a tie-breaker, the playoff have begun.

The group phase was a Best-of-2 format, 2 wins = 3 points, 1 wins 1 lost = 1 point, 0 win = 0 point. It was any teams phase, they all entered with solid line-up. Only 8 could make it to playoff though. To make it even more ruthless, only the top 4 out of 16 teams will win a prize money.

The first two teams to secure  a spot to the playoff were Alliance and Team Liquid. Team Liquid dominated the group in a Best-of-2 format (2 wins = 3 points, 1 win-1 lost = 1 points, 2 lost – 0 point). They ended group phase with a record a 2 wins 1 draw. Making them the team with the most points of all 4 groups. Many are eager to see what Alliance will do with their team reunited again.

The other teams to qualify for playoff were CDEC Gaming and TnC in group C, LGD and Leviathan in group B and finally, Wings and Empire in group A. To most, it is a surprise that Secret, Fnatic and IG were eliminated.

As for the playoff, it is a single elimination format with Best-Of-3. No winner/loser brackets. Its do or die format.

Quarter Final are :

  • Wings VS Leviathan (Wings won at time of publishing)
  • Alliance VS CDEC (Alliance won at time of publishing)
  • Team Empire VS LGD
  • Team Liquid VS TnC

Meaning Semi-Final will be Wings VS Alliance  and either Team Empire or LGD vs Team Liquid vs Tnc.

Alliance won their Bo3 against CDEC by going with their ”good old” Nature’s Prophet pushing strategy. With the added value of Aghanim’s Scepter and Octarine Core. It  was a good game and it is good for Alliance’s fan to see them back in good shape.



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