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Valve’s Mea Culpa

After the nightmare that was the Shanghai Major, Valve released a statement about what happened.

Valve are not burrowed deep in the sand, they are very well aware that almost everything went south during the Shanghai Major. They read the subreddit, they most likely read the Twitch Chat. Here is what they had to say about the Shanghai Major :

While there were amazing performances by all of the teams participating in the Shanghai Major, we recognize that the viewing experience and the overall execution of the event were very disappointing. Dota fans and professional players alike have high expectations for a Major event—expectations that we share—and it is ultimately our responsibility to make sure those expectations are met and exceeded. A Dota Major should be a celebration of the amazing community that shepherded the game from humble origins to the global passion it has become. Disappointment should come from the elimination of a favorite team in a hard-fought match, not from the experience of just trying to watch a game you love. With that in mind, we will be increasing our involvement moving forward to ensure that future events deliver a high-quality experience.

While it is to late to correct the situation about Shanghai, we can hope they will come through with what they wrote and make sure that upcoming Majors are nothing less than phenomenal.

Speaking of which..

The next big Events will be the ESL One Manila and the Manila Major (which are two totally different events). Main Event of the ESL One Manila will take place from April 22nd to April 24th. There are still some qualifiers to play, but as of now the invited and qualified teams are :

  • Team Secret (invited)
  • Team Liquid (invited)
  • EHome (invited)
  • Team Empire (qualified)
  • Complexity (qualified)

The of one we are waiting for is the Manila Major 2016. Not much information have been released by Valve about this event. The only thing we know for now is the location of this major, for obvious reason, and that it will be in early June. Now the the Shanghai Major is over, it is safe to assume that Valve will begin inviting teams and opening registration for open qualifiers.

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