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Dota 2 Shanghai Major Grand Final.

After a rocky and overall failed event, the last day of the tournament went smoothly and the final was enjoyable.

The nightmare that was the Shanghai Major is finally over, although overall,  the event was somehow terrible production-wise, the Dota that was played for the last 2 weeks boiled up to a pretty good grand final between Team Liquid and Team Secret.

Team Liquid managed to beat down on EG in the lower bracket final, the match-up was pretty on uneventful. Liquid managed a 2-0 victory and EG never seemed to be close to achieving something.

As for Team Secret, they defeated Team Liquid  2-0 in the upper bracket final to reach the grand final.

Before the Grand Final, an orchestra, choir included, that played some of the Dota 2 themes. The orchestra was joined by Tommy Tallarico, who is the co-creator of the Video Game Live show. If you are unfamiliar with Video Game Live, it is a touring show that plays orchestrated music from popular games, like Zelda’s ”Symphony of the Goddess” and Final Fantasy ”Distant Worlds” but are not restrained to one game franchise. They were also joined by JJ Lin,  a  Taiwanese composer/singer/actor, who played the piano for the last part of the show. Finally, the orchestra was directed by non other then Tim Larkin, the composer of the Dota 2 music. It really was a threat to the ear. Very good music, almost made me forget everything that went wrong in the last two weeks.


The grand final began moments later :

In the first game, Team Liquid got steam rolled by EternalEnvy’s Slark, they never could find any real solution to it or the Outworld Devourer played by W33ha. Even position 4 enchantress played by Puppey closed the game with a good score and decent items.

The second game was much closer and Liquid managed some important kill, they also managed to control EternalEnvy’s Ursa. Also, Matumbaman did very well on with Lycan (14/1/8). Team Liquid took game two.

The third game was all W33ha’s Invoker. He participated in 25 or the 34 kills for his team (14/0/11). Team Liquid had some good team fight, but even by putting a lot of resources in controlling the Doom in teamfights, Puppey always managed to Doom a target. Team Secret took game three.

Fourth game, Kuroky’s lack of experience showed up. He simply was outdrafted by Puppey. The panelist stated that it was probably the biggest outdraft of the whole tournament. The game was a landslide and Secret easily won the game. The last game wouldn’t have been representative of the Major if they game wouldn’t have been paused due to.. you guessed it, technical issues.

Every game had something in common, the respect ban of Chen and Enigma by Team Liquid. They knew they were up against one of the best in the world in the person of Puppey with those two heroes.

Team Secret won the Shanghai Major after having being denied this honor in Frankfurt by losing to OG grand final of the Frankfurt Major.





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