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Dota 2 Shanghai Major Failed Us.

The Shanghai Major continue to impress us in a very sad way. The group stage was a mess, so is the main event.

The Dota 2 community inspect to be well represented in front of its League of Legend counterpart. Especially when it comes to Main Event, the eternal war to which game has the best Major Tournament is constantly debated on forums of both games.

Last week-end, Shanghai major kept getting delayed with a puzzling amount of technical issues and others. We, the community, thought it couldn’t get worst and I was the first the believe that. Have I even been so incredibly wrong. They open the Main Event by losing one of Team Spirit’s keyboard. It is still a complete mystery how they managed that, but they did.

The same evening (really early in the morning if like me you are in North America), some more technical issues happened. To top that off, they had to kick out the spectators who were in the venue because it closes at 9:30pm (Shanghai time) and they still had three best of one to play.  On the first day of the Main Event, if you wanted to watch the game on the game client you couldn’t have the shoutcaster, if you watched the game on twitch with the announcer, the stream would randomly go MIA mid-game.

About the community, they are in an uproar, lots of memes emerged out of this, such as ”From German engineering  to Chinese counterfeit” referring to the near perfect Frankfurt Major. Also some more cruel one such as ”I’ve never had this much fun except when I killed my dog”. People also mix to that the fact that no Chinese team made in past first round of the Main Event by saying they were to ashamed of China, referring to the Shanghai production value.


About the eliminated teams and remaining teams :

  • Archon, Team Spirit, Cdec Gaming and Vici Gaming were eliminated in the first round
  • Alliance, LGD, OG and Fnatic were sent to the lower bracket after the first round of the upper bracket
  • Ehome, LGD, Virtus Pro and Newbee were eliminated in the second round of lower bracket
  • Team still alive in lower bracket : Alliance, Complexity, OG, Fnatic, EG and MVP.Phoenix
  • Team still very alive in the upper bracket : Liquid and Team Secret
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