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Dark Souls III Resurrects Nightmare & Soul Edge

Already played by millions, Dark Souls III came out in Japan earlier this week and is scheduled for release in North America on April 12.

In to a post issued on Steam, we learned that pre-ordering the game will grant you access to the season pass, which allows you to download any upcoming DLC. As it turns out, there is one coming in 2016 and we found out what it will be called!

Thanks to the help of some friends and some mining, we were able to fish out some of the content within the first DLC, as well as its name. Entitled “Relics of Anguish”, this content pack will feature some of the best and most memorable weapons from preceding Dark Souls game, such as Ice Rapier, Logarius Wheel and more. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any stats in the coding – we are still looking thoroughly at it – however, we did notice that two of the entries didn’t come from any Dark Souls game… Apparently, Soul Edge (and the Growth version) will feast once more, but this time in Dark Souls III.

data-weaponsAdding Soul Edge to the game is exciting, especially for fans of the Souls Calibur series. That being said, we did some research in order to find out whether or not its counterpart was included in Relics. What we found was a lot better!

In the second screenshot (below) coding of new sets to be introduced in Dark Souls III were listed – well they aren’t really new, most of these armor sets come from Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. Big Hat, Crimson, Black Knight, and Moonlight were chosen to be part of the new content. Additionally, a new armor set, entitled Nightmare, also figures on the list. Does this mean that you will be able to set the entire armor set of the famous Nightmare? Is Nightmare the name of another completely different set?


Since Soul Edge can take on different forms, do you think that it would make sense to have a shape-shifting weapon of such in Dark Souls III? Excluding Soul Edge and Soul Edge Growth, any other weapon you are looking forward to use in Relics of Anguish? Feel free to comment and share your toughs in the section below!

UPDATE: April Fools

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