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BlizzCon 2015 Day 2

After the first, there was the second day. This year’s BlizzCon kept getting better as it was filled with news, eSports action and more!

Moving on on our conquest to regroup all the BlizzCon information into one easy-to-find spot, I go on in attempting to do the same for Day 2! For those of you who haven’t gotten all the big news that was revealed at BlizzCon, you can find all that and more right here. Enjoy!




  • The major question raised from the pricing on Overwatch was the fact that the game was not a Free-to-play anymore. It was originally intended to be so and yet, the game has been officially been priced at 40$ for the game itself. Polygon was able to sit down with the game director Jeff Kaplan to understand the why.

“We really made the decision on the business model based on what we thought was right for the gameplay,” Kaplan told Polygon in an interview at BlizzCon. “If you’ve played a lot of Overwatch, you know that hero-switching [mid-match] is a core part of it — it’s a really fun dynamic part. The difference maker between … Overwatch and other games is the fluidity in the team compositions and matching what the other team’s doing.

“A lot of the free-to-play models that we were exploring involved people not having access to enough heroes to make those team compositions actually viable. We really didn’t want to change the core gameplay and limit it in some way just to make the game free-to-play.”

“What you see is what you get; here’s the game, here’s the 21 heroes, we think they’re amazing, we think the the gameplay’s fantastic,” Kaplan said. “That traditional [business] model removed some of that stress of, if [one player] needs to be Roadhog and [one] needs to be Junkrat, [the team can do that]. They’re all going to be available to you — have it all.”

  • Finally, a behind-the-scenes video was shared by the Overwatch team for our pleasure.


  • Heroes-of-the-Storm-logo The 2015 World Championship for Heroes of the Storm has been crowned! Congratulations for the winning team, Cloud9! Furthermore, it has been confirmed that 2016 will host 3 global championship tourneys with the first one starting in Spring. The other two will be held in Summer and Fall.
  • A trailer for the Arena Mode was also released by the team. Check it out.
  • Talent gating has been confirmed to be removed in an upcoming patch.




  • Congratulations to SK Gaming for winning the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship.
  • A full panel on the new Game System for the Legion expansion was held during the expo. A lot of information was shared regarding the artifacts, the new Demon Hunter Hero class, professions, armor specs and more. You can read a quick overview of what was covered right over here. Also, if you want more details on the power of artifacts, you can check it right here, separated by classes.
  • Starting November 8th, the WoW team will be talking the coming changes to every class currently in the World of Warcraft. Every day, a group of classes will take turns on being the topic of discussion. You can find that information as well as a schedule on the talks in the following link.




  • Congratulations on the new Hearthstone World Champion: NaViOstkaka!




  • Two former championship fight to take home the crown this year! 2013 champion JinAirOs fights againt 2014 Champion KTRolster_Life! Congratulations to JinAirOs who take home the title of 2015 World Champion!


If you missed out on Day 1, you can check out the latest information right in our Day 1 recap.

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