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Cheat in Dark Souls III…Get Banned!

Dark Souls III is already hard enough as a game and as it turns out, a few players out there figured how to bypass certain aspects of the game.

Cheating is a serious problem. Yes, it does make you a little over powered compared to other players, but in the end, the fun is being removed from the game. Dark Souls III is already difficult, but it is fair. However, if a player faces another one, a cheater, the fairness of the game had been completely removed and leaves the victim completely overwhelmed and at the cheater’s mercy.

Recently, a group of Redditors discovered that some players have been removed from the game – they have been banned from the game for cheating. Unfortunately, many of them were caught by publisher Bandai Namco for using mods. Whether they increased their stats without leveling or increase the enemy drop rate, such conduct is a crime and as a punishment, those players were kicked out of the game. Is it fair? Absolutely!

Luckily, Reddit user Meowtock made a list of the programs that can result in a ban:


99% Safe:

  • SCP Drivers
  • Shadowplay


Presumed safe:

  • ShareX
  • f.lux
  • DS3Tool
  • Windowed Borderless Gaming
  • DS4Windows
  • Logitech Software (grey area)


Possible/maybe Culprits:

  • Save backups
  • x360ce
  • Crashing
  • Anything with an overlay


Almost Guaranteed Culprit:

  • Cheating


The problem is being looked over thoroughly in order to maintain fair play and ensure that players have the best Dark Souls III experience possible.

It is important to note that the mods are mostly used on the PC version of the game, so reports of players cheating on PS4 and Xbox One are somewhat inexistent at the moment.

Fair play is an important subject when gaming is involved. We would like to have your opinion on the matter in the comment section below! Hopefully, we can get to talk to some ex-cheaters that can tell us a little more about their past experiences and what pushed them to keep it clean!

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