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Brokenshard out Raz in as Dignitas Head Coach

The organization announced Tuesday, that Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal is stepping down as Head Coach of team Dignatas and replaced by Raz.

The team released a statement on their website regarding the coach change for their League of Legends team.

Brokenshard joined the team as their Head Coach after the summer split ended, when dignitas failed to qualify for yet another World Championship. He previously helped their Europe Challenger team qualify for the LCS. They then decided to sell the team to Follow esports and re-name it to Splyce.

”After helping our European team qualify for LCS, we decided to keep Ram ‘Brokenshard‘ Djemal as the Head Coach for 2016 to help our NA LCS squad improve. Our team and coach have already been in our LA gaming house since November to practice and we saw them in action at IEM Cologne where they had a close loss against QG Reapers, the runner-up of the event. It has been decided that Brokenshard will be stepping down as Head Coach. Instead, we’re looking to move our analyst Barento ”raz” Mohammed up to Head Coach and into our LA gaming house in January, which is currently still subject to Riot approval. We believe that moving forward this is the best course of action.”

Also moving into the position of strategist is Jesse ”Jesiz” Le, he previously subbed for the team at IEM Cologne but was still involved in a coaching manner before hand.

”In addition, we’d also like to officially welcome Jesse ”Jesiz” Le as our Strategist. When announcing that he would sub for our team at IEM Cologne, we already mentioned that Jesiz has been working with our team remotely for quite a while. Now we’re moving him up to an official position within our support staff as he will be working alongside Raz to help improve our NA LCS team.”

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