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Blizzcon 2016: Necromancers Back In Diablo III

Fan of Diablo? Well, Blizzard announced that the Necromancer will be making a comeback in Diablo III.

Four years ago, when Diablo III was released, the Necromancer class was nowhere to be seen. For the latest expansion of the game, Blizzard announced that the Necromancer will be back. Looking as strong as ever, the class was properly showcased in an amazing reveal trailer.

In Diablo II, this class was one of the most popular and played one. For those who are concerned and are looking forward to it, Blizzard’s Frank Pearce announce during the Blizzcon panel that it will be directly inspired by the one from the previous iteration.

The Necromancer will be available during the next expansion, Rise of the Necromancer. Blizzard claimed that the release is locked for 2017. However, details as to when exactly we should expect to see it has yet to be confirmed.

In addition to the Necromancer and the new expansion coming out, the Blizzcon panel revealed the return of an old classic, Diablo. The original game from the series will be playable as a retro game mode in Diablo III. It will be part of the new Anniversary patch, set for release in coordination with the 20th anniversary of the Diablo franchise back in 1996. Dubbed The Darkening of Tristram, the patch will feature the classic Diablo mode as a 16 level dungeon.

Diablo III Panel

There, there will be for main bosses to down, including Diablo himself. The anniversary mode will be on the PTR a week prior to the official release date. As for the adventure mode for Reaper of Souls, 2 brand new zones will be added by next year.

Diablo III is currently available for download via the Battle.net client for PC and through the Xbox Store for Xbox 360. You can also own and play it on PlayStation 3 and 4.

For more news on Blizzcon, stay tuned!

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