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An Ever So Slight Delay for PC Version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The poet William Langland has once said “Patience is a virtue”. PC gamers will have to wait a little longer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

I have some slightly bad news for all PC gamers waiting for the Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The PC versions of this medieval RPG will unfortunately not be released in the Summer 2016 as previously expected.

The spokesperson of the Prague-based studio Warhorse has shared with Polygon that the computerized version of the title will be postponed in order to be released simultaneously with the Xbox One and PS4 versions. 

No specific date has been announced yet for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Not to fear, the game will still be launched on multiple platforms throughout 2016.


KC: Deliverance will submerge its players back in the Medieval Ages around the year 1403 in glorious Europe. It combine a bundle of elements of several games ranging from The Witcher to Red Dead Redemption. It also contains a few aspects of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Set in the 15th century of medieval Bohemia, the upcoming RPG also contains a lot of accurate realistic historical content. Why not! Get a little bit of knowledge while playing. Combing education and entertainment often works like it did for the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

This title will differentiate itself from other medieval games for it will not feature any dragons or magic like in many of its genre. So not to worry you will not get the feeling of “been there done that.” This instalment has been developed by Warhorse Studios who used the Crytek’s CryEngine in order to create the game. A big part of the credit goes to the leading developer who also created the Mafia franchise, Daniel Vavra.

If you wish to inform yourselves more on kingdom Come: Deliverance, make sure to check out their official website:  www.kingdomcomerpg.com/

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