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10 Chambers Collective Announces New Co-op FPS

If a team of veterans joined forces and created a development team that has a 10-round chamber as a logo, would you play their games?

Today, a new video game development company called 10 Chambers Collective announced that they are currently working on a brand new coop firstperson shooter game. Founded by Payday developer Overkill co-founder Ulf Andersson, 10 Chambers Collective revealed that they are working on a title that will promote teamwork, and require it, as you progress through.

“In our new game, cooperation will be essential as you progress through the game, the further in you get the more you have to work together,” Andersson said in today’s announcement. 10 Chambers Collective declared that they have been working on the title for months now, but it is still way too early to show anything to the public.

“Each session will be dynamic and give players the opportunity to decide how to tackle obstacles – whether by force, stealth or any other creative way – in order to survive whatever horrors they encounter.” A gameplay of the sort surely sounds interesting; it will develop the creative part of players by giving them various exploitable options when it comes down to attacking their mission objective.

As far as it goes for the “horrors” they mentioned we would encounter, we currently have no clue what was in reference. As a matter of a fact, at the time being, there aren’t any details about the game they are developing. Hopefully we can hear a little about it by the time E3 comes.

For more information about 10 Chambers Collective, and to follow up on their progress, feel free to browse their official website at

“Inspire or manipulate? Collaborate or compete? Quality or quantity?

In life, friendship and in all things we create, our passion is quality.”

– 10 Chambers Collective

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