North American LCS Recap: Week 6

100 Thieves gains momentum as synergy kicks in, TL continues to waver, and TSM looks to improve on their second half of the split.

With week 6 of the NA LCS, we’re finally seeing the teams come into their own. This simultaneously entrenches the lower tier teams, such as CLG and GGS. It also strengthens the leaders. FOX’s loss on day 1 due to their team composition highlights the experimental nature of the second half of the split.

Day 1 (February 24)


100 v. C9 (100 Victory): Aphro pulls out the Thresh and impresses on it with a 100% kill participation. 100’s victory was solidified in a failed early game dive by C9 and a beautiful 15-minute team fight by 100 around the dragon. Ssumday and Aphro re-engage into a weakened C9. Ultimately the game revolved around the draft from C9 who opted into a GP by first picking Gnar blind.


Can CG prove that their loss to C9 was just a result of circumstance? We look to find out in the coming weeks.

CLG v. CG (CG Victory): CLG continues their downward spiral. Huhi continues to try out meta-breaking midlaners and getting punished for it. Solo on Sion disappoints with failed ultimates, but Apollo proves that Ezreal can be a carry in the mid lane. Along with their Azir, their DPS managed to secure both a baron and kill at 25 minutes.


TSM v. FOX (TSM Victory): Mithy admitted after the game that TSM had worked hard on their “homework”, but this homework could have hardly prepared them for FOX’s team composition. Indeed, the mid-lane Fiora initiated by CLG in week 5 was arrogant into Camille and Galio from TSM. It could be that FOX was looking for leeway in their team strategies


GGS v. OPT (OPT Victory): Optic’s new top laner, Dhokla doesn’t manage to impress as much as Licorice did week one, but his performance on Camille was constant. Ultimately, a big mistake at 30 minutes around baron loses the game for GGS. Hai’s Ryze ult takes them to the wrong side of the pit, and they lose their mid lane inhibitor and morale.  PoE’s Orianna dominates the mid lane and helps the others to carry.


TL v. FLY (TL Victory): Impact on Gnar continues to waver but FLY also has a really hard time coming off the ground. Ryze in the mid lane attempts to make a big play top at 9 minutes, but this doesn’t work out and made him vulnerable to Pobelter’s Azir. Notably, FLY failed to capitalize on three kills in the mid-game fearing the Azir and support when they should have committed. This allowed the teams to reset and ultimately gave an opening to TL.


Day 2 (February 25)


OPT v. TSM (TSM Victory): TSM controls vision for most of the game, and this enables them to gain strong advantages in the bot lane and lower jungle generally. Zven was able to pressure early turrets with his winning laners. Bjergsen on Ryze manages to tower over PoE who doesn’t have any impact on the game past 15 minutes. OPT’s bid with Camille, Viktor and Trist seemed like a good one, as they hoped to scale into infinity. However, as of 14 minutes, we start to see that the execution of Optic is failing. TSM pulls a great TP (unsealed spellbook) play with their support to surprise OPT in the bot lane, and this breaks into a 10k lead before 30 minutes.


FLY v. 100 (100 Victory): Aphromoo carried hard from the bot lane, against a tough Zoe poke lane, they managed to secure all dragon objectives and vision in the bot lane. Wildturtle would suffer from the failure of his team to obtain a frontline and CodySun would benefit from his. 4 tanks and a Tristana made for a disgusting damage ratio.


FOX v. TL (FOX Victory): FOX needed to limit Galio and win bot lane, they did both of those things. FOX did a great job denying all lanes a victory for TL. As we now know, TL has a hard time winning from a disadvantage. FOX also impresses with a great baron call immediately after picking off the jungler in the mid-game. This is the consistency and decisiveness that defines FOX as the top team this season.


GGS tie with CLG for last place, but it means a rewarding victory for their roster.

CLG v. GGS (GGS Victory): Golden Guardians’ victory over CLG places both of them clearly in a last-place bid. GGS managed to sustain pressure during the majority of the game, this allowed them to secure all of the dragons, and eventually to snatch what was a chaotic victory. Hai on Ryze was entertaining to watch, but his plays were only made more viable by Huhi’s questionable TF pick.


C9 v. CG (C9 Victory): The loss to C9 solidifies predictions that CG is not necessarily within the top three teams. Solo fails to impress in the top lane and allows his opponent to snowball C9 into a decisive victory. The Morgana pick by CG in the bot lane proved lacklustre, particularly because the lane focus they sought to gain was non-existent.


Week 6 Highlights

  • TSM Impresses with a strong performance against the first-place team and a consistent victory against OPT. Things are looking up for the team as coordination grows, despite the clear pressure being put onto the young jungler in the roster.
  • As much as TSM should be praised for this week’s victory, FOX demonstrates a level of arrogance in their play that is worrying. This is not only demonstrated in their day 1 composition but in the manner, they played against their opponents (looking to the 2v1 mid lane).
  • Team Liquid demonstrates that they have a hard time winning from a disadvantage. They could not gain any advantages against TSM on day 2, and this led to a stomp from FOX. If the team wants to avoid the 4th place curse, they need to strengthen their bot lane and shut down problematic laners in the opposing team (Huni).


Quote of the Week

Pobelter Paradox: when you say he’ll do well, he’s trash, and when you say he’s trash, he dominates”. – Riot Jatt.  

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