North American LCS Recap: Week 3

CLG finally finds a footing, C9 and TL continue to prove their ability to close out games.

Week three of the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) leaps into patch 8.2, providing us with the fastest games of the season, dominant performances from our top three, and a slight climb by the CLG and TSM roster. Teams like Clutch Gaming and Golden Guardians continue to lag behind, GGS attempt a swap in the jungle with Shrimp but his aggressive picks don’t work out. 

Day 1 (February 3rd)

CLG v. FOX (CLG Victory): A surprising victory from CLG, the GP pick from FOX was a risky one against Darshan (a top laner who has historically preferred to carry). Reignover had a great Nunu game, ignored the enemy team enough to accumulate a lead through dragons.

C9 v. OPT (C9 Victory): Optic tries something new in 8.2 with an Urgot in the top lane, and an Orianna mid. Ultimately, it could not come together against a very “vanilla” but proven C9 composition. Optics coach has demonstrated an ability to let his team inovate on the traditional formula, but his team has to develop a greater synergy through the season if that attitude is ever to pay off.

100 Thieves (and Ryu) continues to prove dominant, even with their day 2 loss.

CG v. 100 Thieves  (100 Victory): A five man stun by Ssumday on Gnar, and beautiful play by Meteos won the game for 100 thieves. They found the team fights they needed, and managed to wait out a dominant team from CG in the early game.Unsuprisingly, CG could not close out the game, and eventually let Cody Sun run wild on Tristana.

FLY v. TL (TL Victory): FLY struggles to include Shrimp into their game strategy, and this was a frightening prospect against Team Liquid. Pobelter drew so much pressure from Shrimp’s J4, and was eventually able to turn it around with some kills. The team fights from TL around dragon in the mid game demonstrated their ability to snowball an advantage.

TSM v. GGS (TSM Victory): TSM gets its act together and plays a good game, even against one of the lower bracket teams. A slow mid game lead into a satisfactory end game where TSM played around a teleport disadvantage by hunting out Lourlo and not allowing GGS to abuse of the imbalance.


Day 2 (February 4th)

FOX v. OPT (FOX Victory): Once again, another demonstration of what FOX can do in the late game. Very big lead for TSM which was eventually thrown to FOX when Huni and Dardoch saw an opportunity. Both of which have a great synergy. Fox remains very decisive in their actions, reminiscent of Immortals.

After a very close game, TSM manages to close out a game convincingly.

100 v. TSM (TSM Victory): A fantastic performance by both teams, which almost ended with a push by TSM. However, Cody Sun managed to defend his nexus as TSM focused on his top laner, and to delay for a while (bringing some sweat to TSM’s brow). However, very nice to see, TSM manages to close off the game with a strong team fight in the bot lane. Particular mention to Hauntzer and his continuous lead in the top lane.

GGS v. TL (TL Victory): The fastest victory of the season so far, Team Liquid demonstrates mechanical prowess coupled with great communication between the squad. Pobelter is on a “campaign to make himself the best mid laner”, and he continues to prove it.

CG v. C9 (C9 Victory): Clutch played very defensively, orianna allowed a lot of delay, but it wasn’t enough in the end. Ultimately, provided a very long, arduous process for both teams which allowed C9 to find an opening.

CLG v. FLY (CLG Victory): FLY continues to struggle without it’s full roster, and CLG manages to win another relatively messy game. Biofrost provided a fantastic performance on Alistar. Around 16 minutes, he enabled a great team fight for CLG which tilted the game in their advantage.


Week 3 Highlights:

  • CLG finally manages to find footing in the season, Huhi continues to underperform, but jungle and top start carrying hard. A relatively stable bot lane allowed this to happen in both games.
  • C9 continues to be extremely dominant, albeit with lower risk plays than Team Liquid. Their vision control continues to be beautiful, allowing them long and safe games. Very clean performances since the start of the season.
  • Team Liquid continues to step up with the four fastest games of the season, Doublelift seems to be living up to his promise.

Quote of the week

When we get a lead, we use it”. – Impact, after winning the season’s fastest game.

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