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New ARMS Fighters Found Through Data-mining

ARMS has been a pretty successful title on the new Nintendo platform, the Switch. As a unique fighting game, it stands itself apart from the rest. Is there word that more faces are about to join the fray?

Indeed, it seems the game has been data-mined and some new information has come to light as to what is possibility on the way to the 3rd-person fighter. As reported by JapaneseNintendo, the data-mining has shown some new potential fighters’ names. Here is a list of what was found:

  • Chain
  • Coil
  • Plant
  • Robo
  • Scroll
  • Sumo
  • Surprise
  • Sweet
  • Twintale

That is quite a handful of fighters to be added to the game. It is very surprising and very unlikely that all of these names would even appear in the game at the same time. It would be quite overwhelming and a waster of new content if they are to be revealed one shot. If and when these characters are revealed, it has to be gradual in order for players to get acquainted.

As for the names found here, they do sound ARMS-ish and some of them may hint as to what kind of characters they will be. Twintale is pretty interesting as it is terribly similar to Twintelle who is already part of the roster. I personally think this may be a sibling. Time will tell if this is true. Stay tuned for information on these names. Meanwhile, we invite to check out our ARMS review if you haven’t checked it out!

Nintendo Switch News

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