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UPDATED: A Gamer Got His Hands On An Early Nintendo Switch?

The internet is raging on this guy who was able to obtain an early Nintendo Switch earlier than anyone. Of course, this makes everyone feel very jealous, but at least information is being shared.Indeed, the gamer in question is  known as hiphoptherobot is showing his brand new Nintendo Switch all over the internet. The user in question also shared some photos of the new machine as well as a video to reveal how the UI works and interacts. You can enjoy watching these images and learn more about the console.

Of course, the legitimacy of these console screens are not confirmed through official. The user has also failed to report where and how the he was able to get his hands on this early Nintendo Switch console. He simply stated that he was very “lucky” in getting this machine. This could be because a store has broken the street date allowed to sell the console or the user got it through unofficial means. Nothing is certain, but the console is clearly seen in the pictures and video below. You be the judge.

Hiphoptherobot has confirmed that he has no games at his disposal and so all he does in the video below is mess around with the UI. It also seems like it was the machine’s first time turning on since he had to go through the initial settings. It seems when you make your account on the Nintendo Switch, you get to choose a nickname as well as a character portrait. As he maneuvers through the UI, we notice it is possible to activate Airplane Mode, change the color theme between white and black, manage Notifications and more.

nintendo switch early nintendo switch early

Considering this is the real deal, this would definitely mean that the Nintendo Switch UI will no doubt get updates to incorporate custom themes like the Nintendo 3DS did. The UI seems pretty intuitive and smooth and we all cannot wait to try for ourselves soon. Stay tuned to IMGMR for more Nintendo Switch news fellow gamers!

UPDATE: Here is another video shared by hiphoptherobot shared on Vidme:

Nintendo Switch News

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