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Bandai Namco Files For New Trademark Called “Pac Man Maker”

It seems there is going to be a new Pac Man game on the horizon. A new trademark has been filed and it seems just by the title, we know what is coming.Today, Bandai Namco’s latest filed trademark has surfaced onto the internet. The NeoGAF user PhelipMGM has shared this information online and the very title of the trademark shows more indication than a simple new Pac Man game. The trademarked title is named: Pac Man Maker.

Of course, the obvious thought we take at first is that Bandai Namco may be planning a Pac Man game where it follows in the footsteps of Super Mario Maker. In other words, it will be a game where people can make levels and creations of their own to share with the world. Super Mario Maker saw great success on both Wii U and on its subsequent release on the Nintendo 3DS. No doubt, a similar icon who shares Mario’s seniority will be able to inspire a lot of people to dig deep into nostalgia and make some great levels.

Of course, until we have more information directly from the company itself, we are unlikely to hear anything more on this project. Time will tell what will happen with icon. What do you guys thin? Will a Pac Man Maker be as successful as Mario did?

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