North American LCS Recap: Week 1

Team Liquid and C9 come out strong, TSM struggles to find opportunities.

Week one of the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) was an explosive start to what will surely be an exciting season.

With four new teams entering the arena, and major investment coming from traditional sports organisations, all eyes are set on what the new rosters can do. Without wasting any more time, here’s what you need to know about week one LCS games.

Day 1 (January 20th)

An elated Doublelift and Olleh celebrate their victory over TSM

TL v. TSM (TL Victory):  Bot lane was impressive on both sides, but Doublelift and Olleh outmaneuvered Zven and Mithy in the late game. Much stronger jungle presence from TL, as MikeYeung has trouble finding ganks and leaving a mark on the game.

100 v. OPT (100 Victory): Aphromoo played extremely well, allowing Cody Sun a lot of breathing room. Meteos had a rocky start, but was eventually able to level out and impact team fights post 20 minutes. LemonNation made questionable plays, synergy clearly still isn’t there for OPT.

CG v. GGS (CG Victory): Hai had trouble keeping up in the mid lane, Febiven was able to bully and pull the match towards CG. LirA had better presence than Contractz, keep an eye on him as the season develops.

FOX v. FLY (FOX Victory): Another strong Kog’maw game. Altec maneuvered well on the champ around the CC Fly’s bot lane brought to the rift. AnDa had trouble distinguishing himself, might be nerves, tough to tell without more sample games.

CLG v. C9 (C9 Victory): Sneaky proved himself a pillar to the team, even without the maid outfit. Allowed Licorice and Jensen to go wild. Sven remains very consistent on Sejuani.


Day 2 (January 21st)

OPT v. TL (TL Victory): Impact had another very strong game week one. Doublelift looked weak after early attention bot-lane, but pulled himself into a strong position about 30 minutes into the game as TL became creative in their win conditions. It was not as clean as it needed to be, and this will need to be addressed in the future.

A defeated Bjergsen and his team have much to consider in the upcoming weeks.

FLY v. TSM (FLY Victory): The game was drawn out much more than it needed to. TSM didn’t push the fights they needed to, played scared. Particularly disastrous fight near dragon. FLY demonstrated weakness in not being able to close out the game and allowing TSM opportunities to win.

100 v. CLG (100 Victory): Ryu and Ssumday performed extremely well. Cody Sun continues to be very consistent, developing good synergy with Aphro. Darshan and Reignover have a hard time for a second time this week.

GGS v. C9 (C9 Victory): Once again, the consistency of Sneaky needs to be highlighted, Bot lane created a lot of pressure. However, it is Licorice’s play mid lane which gave a strong advantage to his team. His risky behavior is a welcome change to the traditional behavior of rookie players. Hai kept up with Jensen, however, the team fell apart in later game shot calling.

Week 1 highlights: 

  • Historically, Hai has had trouble against Jensen in mid-lane. For that reason, his strong showing against him during the second game of the week was a welcome sight and, hopefully, an omen of things to come.
  • Sneaky continues to be a pillar for C9, as does Bjerg for TSM. Difference is, the rest of TSM is underperforming and clearly lacking in terms of shot-calling, which Bjergsen will likely never provide.
  • Zven and Mithy have yet to demonstrate real potential, chalk it up to nerves against Doublelift in the first game, but clearly underperforming in game against FLY.
  • 100 Thieves starts strong as the most promising new team. Synergy is visible and appreciated as many gazes are now turned towards the new teams.
  • Team Liquid start out strong, and while many people would credit Doublelift for their performances, it is Impact in the top lane and Olleh which truly astounded me this week. The org should be very happy about their pickups this season.

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