Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate coming to Nintendo Switch August 28th 2018

The latest Monster Hunter entry marks the series debut on Nintendo's console.

Just when you thought Capcom’s Monster Hunter couldn’t get any better…it does. Following the massive launch numbers attained by Monster Hunter World, it’s not uprising that the publisher is seeking to capitalize on a newly invigorated North American market. If most gamers weren’t fans before MH World, they certainly are now. 

Handheld monster hunting

It’s now been announced that the highly anticipated Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (a follow up to Monster Hunter Generations) will mark the series debut on Nintendo Switch as a launch exclusive. MHGU will be available on August 28, 2018 for digital and physical retail purchase across North America and Europe.

Why is this switch to Nintendo’s console a big deal? Above all, it aims to provide flexibility in both local wireless and online multiplayer capability. Hunters will be able to cooperate whether they are playing at home on the big screen or on the go in handheld or tabletop mode.

Not only will the latest entry improve on multiplayer capability, it also boasts the largest roster of unique monsters in a Monster Hunter entry. In Capcom’s words, MHGU will provide a “nostalgic look back at the series’ beginnings and evolutions”. The formula announced in this entry should be familiar to most players. You hunt ever more threatening creatures in an attempt to gear yourself up, and take on more challenging foes. On their recurring rampage through ecosystems, players will also be completing quests which yield valuable resources for crafting countless distinct weapons and equipment sets.

What little we know of the story so far is that it centers on four villages confronted by major threats known as the Fated Four. As is tradition in the series, players can also expect a dangerous new Elder Dragon. Here’s to hoping it will be more entertaining than Zora.

So…what’s new?

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate promises to stay grounded in traditional Monster Hunter gameplay while providing players with improved systems. MHGU features brand new areas to explore and monsters to slay. These monsters are confirmed to include the lightning fast Zinogre and the stealthy long-tailed Nargacuga. MGHU also boasts a new quest level called “G” rank that will provide more challenging versions of familiar foes. Capcom has hinted at the fact that these monsters will boast unique attack patterns.

However, it’s clear that Capcom has also learnt to include newcomers to the series after World. A new gameplay feature called Hunter Arts can be executed with a quick tap on the touch screen, and have a serious impact on a hunt. Their have been six different Hunting Styles announced which include two brand new ones:

Brave Style, which rewards players with new moves for landing successive attacks; and

Alchemy Style, which grants the ability to create useful items in the heat of combat.

For returning fans, Capcom has also announced that Monster Hunter Generations save data can be transferred towards the new journey.

If you’re attending E3 2018, Capcom has also confirmed that they’ll be hosting a booth dedicated to the game. Make sure to check it out if you’re at the event!

For more news on Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, make sure to check back regularly on IMGMR. 


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