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Mass Shooting Threat Called at EVO 2018

The serious matter already involves the FBI

EVO 2018, one of the biggest eSports events to ever take place, has been stained with a massive shooting threat.

Over the weekend, EVO organizers have been notified that a possible massive shooting might take place at EVO Championship Series this summer. The threat call in question was issued via Twitch, through a comment made by user “quackquackhonks”. The comment in question simply mentions that a “massive shooting” will take place at EVO. The user even goes on to say, “see you there”, as if to show the seriousness of the claim.

In response to the threat, EVO organizer Joey Cuellar replied via Twitter that the matter has been taken “very seriously”.

We are aware of the threat that was made against Evo 2018, and have contacted the FBI and Twitch regarding this matter. We take this very seriously, and they will be punished to the full extent of the law.” – Joey Cuellar, EVO Organizer

A Worrisome Threat, A Worrisome Location

What makes this threat so alarming are two notable elements to the story. First and foremost, the shooting itself. Over the past few years, the United States has seen dark times. Various shootings took place and took the lives of many innocent people. Any threat should be taken seriously, regardless whether they are a prank or not.

Second, the location. This year, EVO 2018 takes place at the Mandalay Bay, an important venue located in the Las Vegas area.  This is the same location where another tragic shooting took place in 2017, where a man shot 1,100 rounds from his hotel suite located on the 32nd floor.

There isn’t much we can do from where we are except hope that the event runs smoothly and that no one gets hurt.

As for the extra security measures to be taken, we wait for further updates on the matter.

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