London and Philadelphia to compete in Overwatch League Grand Finals

The best two teams have been singled out, now comes the time to crown a champion.
It’s official folks, the Overwatch League’s Grand Finals teams are decided. Whether you’ve been following the season and playoffs closely or not, now would be a great time to check in on some serious skill.

The two teams, the London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion will play next weekend in front of a sold-out crowd at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. A historic venue we’d previously reported should add to the prestige of Esports globally.

It’s fair to say Philadelphia is a bit of an underdog, seeding sixth coming into the championship. However, their games against top-seeded New York Excelsior 2-0 on Saturday night was something to witness. If you haven’t watched the VOD’s, what are you doing reading this article? Their victory skyrocketed them to the grand finals.

There, they’ll face number five-seed London, who upset the Pacific Division-winning Los Angeles Valiant on Friday night, taking the best-of-three series 2-0. Our champions have both come from the lower-tiers of the bracket in decisive upset victories

The overwatch league trophy…how it glitters.

to snatch the championship from the others. 

The great reveal

To purposefully add to the hype, Blizzard had a surprise following the Philadelphia-New York semifinal. In dramatic fashion, the Overwatch League’s championship trophy—inspired by Reinhardt—was presented Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan. London and Philadelphia can now picture themselves holding up something physical, all the more incentive to fight tooth and nail.

While the trophy is nice, the prize pool is arguably a more compelling incentive for victory. Indeed, London and Philadelphia will compete for a $1,400,000 USD prize pool.

Wondering when to tune in for the finale? The first match is scheduled for 1:00 CEST on Saturday, July 28. That match will be live-broadcast on ESPN and will be on Twitch. See the full broadcast schedule for more details on match times.

If you’re watching the games but haven’t tried Overwatch for yourself, Blizzard is making the game free to play on PC during Overwatch League’s Grand Finals week. That means that you can try the game out for free on from Thursday, July 26 through Monday, July 30. You can visit for more information.

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