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Daedalic Entertainment to Showcase New Demos at PAX West

PAX West 2016 starts next week and Daedalic Entertainement will be going and showcasing seven cool new games.

With such a great lineup of upcoming games, fans and attendees of the 2016 edition of PAX West will be able to give a test run of these games. Although only a demo will be demonstrated and playable, Daedalic Entertainment will have various genres. From stealth/tactical games all the way to futuristic thrillers, players of all ages are invited.


Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, the tactical game with stealth elements from Daedalic Entertainment and Mimimi Productions, will be playable at PAX West in Seattle.

The game is a special take on the genre: it takes place during the Edo-Era of Japan in 1615. Within a playtime of roughly 25 hours, 5 characters will face challenging missions, each protagonist with their own special field of expertise. Only if you know the positive and negative qualities of your characters and play tactically and with finesse, will you master the challenges ahead.



Silence is a modern adventure that takes players into the fantastic world of Silence, a picturesque world between life and death. In about 12 playable hours, elaborately designed 3D characters meet opulent 2D backgrounds. Three playable characters guide the players through the mystical world. In addition to new characters, there will also be a reunion with old friends.


State of Mind

State of Mind is a futuristic thriller written by Martin Ganteföhr, who’s already established as a writer of outstanding games. The dystopian 3D adventure combines two diverse explorable worlds. Various playable characters as well as realistic low poly visuals let players submerge in a gritty but realistic vision of the future.


The Long Journey Home

The space exploration RPG is the first project of Daedalic Entertainment Studio West and under the creative direction of Andreas Suika. In a completely procedural generated galaxy, built with the Unreal 4 Engine, players have to find their way home. Friendly – and not so friendly – aliens will aid or hinder the journey while the players have to use scarce resources and their wits as good as they can on the Long Journey Home


Bounty Train

Daedalic Entertainment und Corbie Games. Players need to control a steam train in frontier America (1860 to 1870), follow trade routes between towns, fend off attackers and manage the train. Players will furthermore hire and manage personnel (including drivers, armed guards and other crew), modify their trains with various engines and wagons, and keep those trains humming by purchasing fuel.



Daedalic Entertainment and the Swedish developer Forgotten Key will let PAX visitors soar sky high with their mystic 3rd-Person Exploration Adventure AER. The game’s protagonist, Auk, can shapeshift into a bird at will and freely explore her world of floating islands on her quest to give new life to her home. The surreal adventure is complemented by a colorful low-poly visual style matching the serene atmosphere of the game’s world.


Holy Potatoes! We’re In Space?!

The latest projet of Daedalic Entertainment is the roguelike space adventure Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!, which is being developed by Daylight Studios from Singapore. Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! is set in a spud filled universe. Players explore hundreds of different planets and thereby get to meet different alien potato races to fight and to negotiate with and engage in epic battles with space pirates and intergalactic veggies.


PAX West takes place in Seattle starting tomorrow September 2 until September 5. To find Daedalic Entertainment, head to floor 6, booth #6508.

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