Grim Dawn’s second expansion is announced.

After Ashes of Malmouth comes Forgotten Gods.

Crate Entertainment, the studio behind Grim Dawn, had some big news for us today. Last week marked the second anniversary since the release from early access of this successful ARPG.

This past October, Grim Dawn was provided with an exciting and rewarding expansion in the form of Ashes of Malmouth. Ashes built on the main storyline in Grim Dawn and provided two new chapters concerning a city overrun by the grotesque “Shaper of Flesh”.  The expansion also increased the level cap and added two new class masteries ( the inquisitor and Necromancer).

As it turns out, Crate Entertainment wasn’t content with resting on their laurels and wanted to keep the momentum going.

Indeed, the studio confirmed that the next chapter in the Grim Dawn experience would come in the form of “Forgotten Gods”, an expansion which promises a lot. The expansion is set to take players on a “journey beyond the bounds of the Erulan Empire, traversing burning sands, lush oases and volcanic wastes”.  The Lovecraft fans among you would be right to point out the immediate links between the setting and works linked to Nyarlathotep as a messenger of the elder gods who often appears in the form of a Pharaoh.

“The flames of a forgotten god have been rekindled, sending ripples through the Eldritch realm…” 

As of now, Crate Entertainment has announced that the expansion will provide:

  • Quality of life features (as of yet undefined).
  • New powers.
  • Hundreds of new unique items and monsters.
  • Dozens of new dungeons.
  • New gameplay modes.

Many are hopeful that the expansion will be just as impactful as Ashes of Malmouth, if not more! The DLC impressed a lot of players when it came out in October. It built in a significant manner on an already well-crafted experience. If Crate Entertainment maintains this level of quality content, players should be excited about Q4 2018, the new DLC’s estimated release date!

The dark fantasy world of Grim Dawn should benefit from the scorching landscapes of “Forgotten Gods”.

For more information on Grim Dawn and it’s expansions, keep up to date on the Grim Dawn Forums at

Grim Dawn and its expansion, Ashes of Malmouth, are available now on Steam. 


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