Ghost of a Tale Launches After 5-year Development

Impressions on an unconventional but impressive action-RPG.

After a tumultuous development period, fans were happy to see the tale of Tilo the bard release on steam. As of the March 18th launch, it had been five years since the world first got a look at Ghost of a Tale, the fantasy RPG. The game was launched on IndieGoGo in 2013 but missed its launch date in 2015 only to be released on early access in 2016.

A Brave Minstrel

Ghost of a Tale seems heavily inspired by stories such as Redwall, where animals populate the world. You play as Tilo, a minstrel who has been imprisoned following a confrontation with a lord, and who seeks out to find your imprisoned wife Merra. The game’s emphasis is primarily on stealth. As the rat guards which keep you prisoner are much larger (and better armed) than Tilo, you must sneak about to obtain the keys or objects required by your quest. These objects will then reveal different areas of the map and unlock shortcuts. The gameplay makes your traversal of the locale feel organic and planned out. Learning the ins and outs of the relatively small map benefits the player as much as it does our hero.

A Beautiful World to Match

Visually, the game is quite impressive, and this point has garnered much attention from the community. Light effects, in particular, are impressive, as is texture work. There is a surprising amount of variety in the locales, despite the game taking place on a single prison island. Though claustrophobic in its opening segments, the map opens up relatively quickly and always encourages player ingenuity in reaching particular locations. Ghost of a Tale encourages exploration above all else, and the richly crafted world it fleshes out in item descriptions and conversations is a joy to discover.

However, it should be noted that the gameplay does stale after more than 5 hours. Most, if not all of the quests are comprised of fetch mechanics. Despite the exploration which the game encourages and the multiple collectibles which can be found, the player may find themselves hoping for a bit more action.  It’s worth noting that, since its launch, the game has continually been improved on by the developer SeithCG. As an example, a recently added FOV slider corrects what many players felt was a limited range of control on the camera. It is clear that the developer cares about the community’s feedback since it’s official release.

Ghost of a Tale is a cute, and welcome addition to game libraries. It may appear simple but carries great depth in both its narrative and locale. If exploration is your thing, it’s an easily recommended game.


Ghost of the Tale is available on Steam, GOG and Humble for PC.


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