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What Would A Zelda Film By Ghibli Look Like?

Ghibli is established animation company. One man is working on a project that would show what a Zelda fan film made by them would look like.

Even though you may not recognize their names, you would recognize their unique animation style. The animated cartoon style is well-reknowned and one man going by the name of Matt Vince is working on a project. This film is a fan project that would present The Legend of Zelda story in the same animation style used by the company.

Of course, this has red flags going all over the place what with him using a Nintendo IP as well using the name of a known company and slapping them on his video. I figure it won’t be long before he is contacted by someone. Still, it is interesting to catch a glimpse of how the world of Hyrule from Ocarina of Time would look like in this art style. Here is the video shown below:

The calm and serene takes on Zelda’s Lullaby and the Ocarina of Time Title Theme are an excellent touch to draw out the artistic aspects of this presentation. The familiar but redrawn environments of Hyrule is vivid and full of life. It would be nice to see this completed. Hats off to you Matt Vince and good luck!

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