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Ubisoft and VICE Team Up For USER PROFILED

A new documentary series is in development in collaboration between Ubisoft and VICE Canada. It’s time to explore the power of data!

In this two-part documentary, the subject of data, hacking, private information will all be treated with care. These are all part of the theme of the upcoming Watch Dogs 2. With further ado, enjoy USER PROFILED!

“The themes of privacy and surveillance are prevalent throughout WATCH_DOGS 2, and we’re partnering with VICE to bring these concerns to life through a startling documentary series,” said Lucile Bousquet, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications, Ubisoft Canada. “These are real concerns for Canadians living in the digital age. Computers and our mobile devices are far from the secure vaults we take them to be, and that is what we intend to spotlight with USER PROFILED.”

“The conflicts being waged on the world’s newest battlefield is a theme that VICE has explored extensively from our long form reporting to our VICELAND series Cyberwar,” said Delphine Poux, General Manager, VICE Quebec. “WATCH_DOGS 2 much like our previous work with Ubisoft resonates with viewers because it is a natural extension of the work we do to inform Canadians about surveillance and the ever encroaching restrictions on personal freedoms.”

USER PROFILED Documentary Series

Hosted by Matt Goerzen, a Montreal-based digital artist who focuses on internet connectivity and has produced several short documentaries for the National Film Board of Canada, USER PROFILED will interview a variety of subjects, from Canadian intelligence officers and cyber security experts, to active (anonymous) Canadian hacktivists.

Episode Overview:

Part 1: How Our Online Information can be Used Against Us Live online October 4, 2016

Big Data is big business, and companies will go to great lengths to gain all insights (legal and illegal) that consumers will provide. This episode will investigate how prevalent personal data collection has become, how corporations are tracking and profiling consumers in Canada, and how government agencies are using the newest technological advancements to expand the capabilities of Canadian surveillance.

Part 2: What Do we Do? Live online October 11, 2016

In part two of USER PROFILED, host Matt Goerzen will interview the people intent on exposing online surveillance, consumer compliance and Big Data concerns plaguing Canada. Interviews will include Jonathan Obar, the brain behind—a fake social networking site that pushed Terms & Conditions to absurd ends, giving NameDrop the legal right to a member’s firstborn child. The vast majority of NameDrop participants skipped over these Terms and joined anyway, highlighting an unsettling trend among Canadian online users literally signing a life away.

Canadians are invited to visit the below link for the full USER PROFILED series now:

Fans who wish to further immerse themselves in Ubisoft’s Canadian WATCH_DOGS 2 campaign are invited to visit Once there, join the thousands of participants of the Dedsec Canada Hub in weekly missions and activities, with a chance to win a variety of prizes, including a Sony PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, a Gold Edition of WATCH_DOGS 2 and a Ubi Workshop prize pack.

WATCH_DOGS 2 will release on November 15, 2016 on the Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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