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Terry Crews Could Be Voice Actor for The Next Overwatch Character

Sombra’s now available and the community is already speculating who the next champion might be.

With Sombra out on the PC version of Overwatch, fans are already wondering who will join the roster next. So far, speculations have been pointing towards Doomfist. The character, still mysterious, has his name scattered all over the game.

Given his physic, fans have been requesting that actor Terry Crews becomes the voice behind this beef guy. Is he the right person for the job? Well, just last week, Crews posted on Facebook “Attention Gamers: Cancel your plans for this weekend, TRUST ME”, while sharing an article about Overwatch being free for the entire weekend. Of course, he played the game.

Doomfist Overwatch

Fans want this celebrity figure to be the voice actor behind Doomfist, and as it turns out, he does as well. In a Reddit post, user “SleepyRicky” said that he’d be “so hyped if Terry Crews voice acted for him”. Well, Crews heard the calls and even went as far as to reply to the post, saying that he would “LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST”.

Following the reply, some fans have been showing a lot of interest. Here are some of the reactions:

Blizzard is here. They know what’s up. It’s a win win. Crews is a great guy, great personality, great role model. He’s hyped to be immortalized in Overwatch and we’d all love to see it happen. Jeff, it’s me your brother… I need you to call Terry. (-‘Zig_Zagged’)


Some things were just meant for each other. CrewsforDoomfist2017 (-‘Divenity’)

You can check out the entire thread here.

As you can see, many are supporting the idea and want Crews to be immortalized in the game. Blizzard has done that a few times with celebrity figures, such as putting Robin Williams, Ronda Rousey and Mila Kunis, for example, in World of Warcraft as NPCs. Having Crews voice act a character in Overwatch would be an amazing fan favor to the community.

Do you want Terry Crews to play Doomfist in Overwatch?

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