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Did Metallica Really Play the Pokemon Theme Song?

Is the Metallica video real or fake? Many fans of the band and the game are curious to know the truth.

Pokemon was already quite popular, especially among gamers and fans of the TCG and RPG. Pokemon GO appears to have lit the flame… big time!

Being one of the trendiest topics of the moment, Pokemon seems to be as popular as ever. Pokemon GO not only introduced new players to the franchise, but also remind older ones that it is ‘cool’ to love Pokemon. That being said, a lot of musician and composers are paying homage to the series in their own way.

Yesterday, a video on YouTube was posted, showing Metallica playing the Pokemon Theme song. This appears to have been played during a recent performance. However, as it turns out, the viral post was intended as a joke.

If you analyses carefully the voice, it isn’t James’. Also, comparing the lyrics to his lip movement, on many occasions, they don’t match. This isn’t the first time this prank was played. Five years ago, a similar post was made from a 1989 video footage of the band playing.

The band doesn’t even seem to have taken notice in this prank yet. Checking out their Twitter feed, there isn’t anything mentioning Pokemon in the past couple of days.

Is Metallica even a fan of the franchise? Tweets and mentions to the band have been pouring out, asking whether or not the video is real or fake. What I would like to see, however, is a response from them confirming that they are fans of the series. It would be nice to let their fans know how they were affected by the joke!

If they can record an actual cover of the theme song, that would be even better.

Stay tuned for any updates on the story!

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