Frostpunk Released Today

From the creators of This War of Mine, developers 11 Bit Studios offer us yet another survival experience only this time, set in a frozen wasteland.

Frostpunk is set in 1886, in a world buried under relentless snow and frost, slowly decimating the population. Humanity’s only hope is a giant heat generator and a small surviving group having fled London.

The game focuses on strategy and leadership as you must manage your settlement despite the freezing weather and harsh life conditions. Settlers must be sent to find coal or scavenge resources in the cold. Some might not even make it through the night. The notions of sacrifice and risk are an intricate part of the gameplay as several factors hang in the balance at once. On one hand, you must tend to the only generator of the city for warmth and energy, sending workers to keep it efficient. On the other hand, their level of happiness may affect their productivity or even the respect and confidence they have in you. Acting ruthless will incite to riots and desertion. Your conscience may also be challenged seeing that child labour is a possibility. Do you take advantage of more workforce, do you assign safer jobs to children or do you ban child labour altogether? Such grim choices must be made for the greater good.

“The city must survive.”

The steampunk style and industrial revolution esthetics bring a fresh look at city micromanagement games. The game Banished by developers Shining Rock Software had made winter the strong selling point of their experience, forcing the player to thrive in a barren land. However, winter in Frostpunk seems like a permanent season, adding a level of urgency to the crisis. Underneath all the snow, there is also a strong message about leadership: you can never please everyone and sometimes, you must choose between being good or being efficient. This may serve as perspective when reflecting on real-world crises.

The game is out today for Microsoft Windows!


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