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First Video Games Exhibition in London

Next September for their autumn exhibition, the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London will host their first video games exhibition called “Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt”.

The museum’s director, Tristram Hunt, said it was “the right time” for the exhibition, seeing as games are “one of the most important design disciplines of our time.”

The exhibition is said to provide “a unique insight into the design process behind a selection of groundbreaking contemporary videogames. Design work, including concept art and prototypes, feature alongside large-scale immersive installations and interactives.”

With art dating from the mid-2000s to today, guests will be able to see short films, concept art, prototypes, sketches and even interactive pieces that will all pay tribute to the artistic craft of the industry through games such as Journey, Splatoon, The Last of Us, League of Legends and No Man’s Sky. There will even be a section dedicated to eSports and its remarkable growth as an industry.   

As Hunt stated, “There is a rich universality to video games in contemporary culture. […] This is the right time for the V&A to be building on our active interest in video games to investigate this exciting and varied design field at the intersection between technology, engineering and broader visual culture, presenting the influences, inspiration and debates that define it.”

Another goal of this video games exhibit is to start a conversation about sociopolitical issues of modern days, using the interactive media that we all know and love. This whole idea is highly relevant now that video games have become an intricate part of pop culture. And no one can deny that some game artworks truly have their place in a gallery. From the eerily beautiful dunes in Journey to the epic lush environments of the Zelda franchise, video game artists deserve well-earned praise.

Not only is video game art pleasing to the eye but it is also a crucial part of the experience. When playing a game, we don’t automatically think of all the work and dedication behind the living breathing world we explore. Every detail is meticulously crafted with thought and care to immerse us in a complex and dense universe.

Not only is art beautiful, but it is also meaningful. Art speaks volumes to us and there’s a lot that can be said about our way of life or our ideologies through a piece. At any rate, this is a big step for the video games industry, slowly settling the long-debated question “Are video games an art form?”


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