First Major Hunt:Showdown Update is Live

Crytek hopes their latest content update will flesh out an already successful early access title.

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown has received mixed reviews since it’s release on Steam Early Access. While many players praise the PvE portions of the game which center on monster hunting, the PvP is either hit or miss. Like any game that requires coordination among teammates, the current meta is dominated by players who abuse the maps limited scale to punish players who have been wounded in a hunt. Players are still divided on whether this constitutes smart tactics or “camping”. 

Yesterday, Crytek released their first major content update for Hunt: Showdown. Their hope is that it fixes some of the above-mentioned issues. The update is available now on Steam.

Balance changes prioritized

While the update does add some impressive new content, it focuses largely on a number of tweaks, changes, and bug fixes for the Early Access title. With the content update, players will gain access to:

(1) five new weapons equipped with scopes

(2) two new tactical bombs

(3) eleven new Hunter outfits.

(4) Twelve new traits. These will affect a hunters capabilities and are debuting with this content update.

However, the most significant changes to the game are a direct result of community feedback. Crytek sought to reduce the advantages for players who camp extraction by changes to the level architecture and layout. The studio has also added rewards for players who successfully banish the boss, allowing them an advantage over “vultures”.

For a more detailed breakdown of that design change, you can listen to Level Design Director Chris Auty by following this link.

In another video, Lead Designer Dennis Schwarz and Senior System Designer David West also address this issue, as well as some of the changes and additions to weapons, gunplay, traits, hunters, and audio. These changes are welcome in an early access game as they are necessary to keep players interested in release.

Crytek’s patch notes also highlight many smaller changes that include the addition of fall damage, map readability improvements, a rebalance on player footstep audio, and more.

While these changes are appreciated, many fans of the game are disappointed no new monster or map was introduced. The lack of a new map is understandable. However, a new target in a hunt would bring some necessary changes to game pace and repetition. Fingers crossed that these changes will be added when the studio has handled balancing issues.

You can find the detailed patch notes here.



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