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Tempo Storm add ‘’JustSaiyan’’ to their roster

Tempo Storm have added a new member to their Hearthstone roster, David ‘’JustSaiyan’’ Shan.
On their Twitter account, you can find a tweet announcing his acquisition,

‘’ We are proud to announce that @justsaiyanHS has joined the Tempo Storm Family!  Check out his stream later tonight!’’

‘’He is currently ranked 7th in the World Championship standings without any premier tournament appearances and only a few points behind fellow ladder star Fibonacci. In 2015 alone, Saiyan has gotten #1 Legend in NA three times and has finished top 16 or higher every single season.’’

Andrey “reynad” Yanyuk, Tempo Storm CEO and Owner had this to say about their new player:

“JustSaiyan is an up-and-coming player with a lot of talent and potential. Tempo Storm has always aimed to build player brands from the ground up. With David, we intend to do it again. ”

David also made a statement about him joining his new team:

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to join Tempo storm. I believe joining T/S requires me to be more than just a great player: it’s a huge invitation to stream, play in tournaments, and give back to the community and I intend on doing all of that.”

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