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Phenomenal Start for Cloud9 This Split

Professional eSports NA LCS team Cloud9 currently stands in first place this split after consecutive wins.

Cloud9, also known to fans as C9, is currently on top of the leaderboard. The North American team stand in first place this spring split after being undefeated. Week 2 has just ended and Cloud9 is already demonstrating how much of an obstacle they will be to other teams.

This split, Cloud9 took supporters by surprise when the roaster was announced; Hai, Balls and Meteos are no longer part of the main roster. As a matter of a fact, while Hai and Balls find themselves part of FLyQuest, Metoes steps down to sub Jungler. The main roster now consists of Reapered (Head Coach), Cain (Assistant Coach), Impact (Top Lane), Contractz (Jungler), Jensen (Mid Lane), Sneaky (ADC), and Smoothie (Support).

For followers that aren’t too happy with the roster changes, allow me to say this. At first, I was on your side as well. “Who is Contractz?”, I asked. Well, as it turns out, he was drafted in Cloud9 for a reason; he is darn good! Watching the games, I have noticed that he loves to do make it or break it plays. Very high risk and high reward strategies are risky in the NA LCS, but being unpredictable can sometimes pressure the focus out from your opponent. Also, the synergy he had with mid lane player Jensen was impeccable.

As a Cloud9 fan, I followed players like Hai and Balls, but now that they are out of the picture, I am falling in love again with the team. The next games are definitely going to be amazing ones.

Cloud9 is scheduled to play against Team EnVyUs on Day 2 (February 4th) and against Echo FOX on Day 3 (February 5th). Stay tuned as we follow the NA LCS 2017 Spring Split!

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