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Daigo Umehara’s Book “The Will To Keep Winning” Now Available Digitally In English

Legendary fighter and the most recognizable fighting game player on the planet, Daigo Umehara is here to share wiith you his philosophy in the art of battle.Member of the five gods of Street Fighter, Daigo has come a long way ever since major debut back in 1998 when he faced Alex Valle at the Street Fighter Alpha 3 World Championship. Since then, he has grown to compete and win many renowned fighting game tournaments and has earned his title as one of the five gods of Street Fighter.

He used to be playing for Mad Catz for a long time. After the peripheral manufacturer had succumbed to massive executive resignations, Daigo had to part ways with Mad Catz as well. Since then, he has partnered with Red Bull to continue his fighting career.

Back in 2012, the young fighter had published his book “The Will To Keep Winning” to explain his philosophy that held the backbone of his competitive career. Now, the book’s English version is now made available on Amazon’s Kindle. The book can be purchased for $14.99.


This year, Daigo had been named the first global ambassador for Twitch as well as launching his stream on BeasTV. On BeasTV’s Twitch channel, Daigo hosts player matchs every week in both English and Japanese every Friday. You can also watch past replays on their YouTube channel as well.

If you are an aspiring fighting gamer, it would be really interesting to take a gander into the life of Daigo. Learn and understand the mindset one must have in order to find glory in the FGC.

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