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EGX Rezzed 2018 Happening This Weekend

From April 13 to 15 at Tobacco Dock in London is the EGX Rezzed 2018 as part of the London Games Festival. This annual indie games exposition reveals new promising titles and showcases some of the best the indie world has to offer.

Video games enthusiasts get to play new titles at different stages in development, meet creators behind them and partake in talks and sessions. Board games are also a part of the event. Showcasing around 200 PC and console games in the span of three days, EGX Rezzed shouldn’t have a shortage of exciting news and reveals.

For the occasion, Tim Schafer (soon-to-be recipient of a Gaming BAFTA fellowship award this week) is a guest speaker at the event. The YouTubers OutsideXbox were also invited to meet up with fans.

The arcade team racer ONRUSH by the developers Codemasters gathers a lot of attention. If you wish to try your hand at it before its release on June 5th, note that an open beta is scheduled for next month. Another game showcased is Way To The Woods, scheduled to come out in early 2019. This game features you as a deer with glowing antlers protecting your fawn in a beautifully mystical world in a visual style akin to Journey or The Witness. The tagline “All of the lights will guide you” sets the tone for what will appear to be an emotional experience.

Indie games have a harder time on the market these days. AAA titles show no sign of wavering and while indie games come in no shortage either, it is harder for them to find a market and be profitable. The video game industry is thriving more than ever, with a release of more than 530 games across all platforms for 2017 only. Events such as EGX Rezzed are a good and fun way to keep indie games alive and hyped and we can only wish them the best for 2018 and beyond!

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